13 Inspiring And Gorgeous Female Bodybuilders With Abs Of Steel

Luckily, we’re over the days where scary thin is the goal, and we’ve moved onto a more strong aesthetic (especially since we’re in the age of the booty!). These ladies prove that you don’t have to give up your feminine allure if you want to get more ripped than most of the guys you know. In fact, muscle building actually accentuates curves and burns more fat than cardio, even when you’re not working out, so that Greek goddess body is being built for you even when you’re not in action! These hotties will give you serious muscle envy, so get on those sneakers!

Wow. Is she even real? The perfect flat stomach, biceps that aren’t too massive, and a booty that puts Beyonce’s to shame. Combined with her killer workout outfit, this fitness goddess is ripped and totally flawless – we can’t find one thing that’s wrong with her.

This photo takes our breath away – everything about it. Our booties definitely do not look like that when we’re lying down. Those toned lines…lying down, she looks like a carefully sculpted statue, with a dreamy hourglass figure.

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